Ekat Medical

Our product groups to be use in the hospitals, polyclinics, and laboratories that are in the medical and health sector are imported bed sheets – covers – bed protectant covers. This is completed with the MRSA durable special biocote certified colored curtain systems and imported ENDUROCIDE-anti-microbial curtains that are to be used in the section partitions of the emergency services. We provide services for the health sector with the antibacterial imported fire retardant fabric and artificial leather products that are to be used on the seating groups, chairs, and wall linings.

Drapilux-bioaktiv is both a visual and also a functional product. The decorative fabrics that have antimicrobial properties are the most ideal fabrics for the hospitals and care units. These fabrics never harm the skin, they never cause any reaction or irritation, and on the contrary they reduce the risk of allergies in the body.

Operating of the System;

The silver ions that are placed tightly on the Trevira CS fiber destroy the bacteria on the fabric and prevents them from multiplying. This property has been documented with laboratory tests. The fabrics can be washed in up to 60 oC without losing their properties.

improvement in the room hygiene

the microbes on the fabrics decreased due to its antibacterial effect,

drapilux bioaktiv is an absolutely healthy product,

it is observed that it reduces the high sensitivity and allergy risks,

it is especially suitable for people with weak immune systems and the older people,

increasing recovery on patients and personnel,

ecological suitability,

it eliminates the excess usage of disinfectants,

it provides water and energy saving due to its long washing intervals,

it has been certified by independent scientific institutes,

it has been tested and certified in accordance with Öko-Text-Standard 100,

it is difficult for it to inflame in accordance with the DIN 4102 B1 and all other internationally required norms