Ekat Curtain

Under the Turkey and Azerbaijan distributorship of Silent gliss company which is the number one brand of the curtain systems and the drapery world, Service with 5 years warranty is provided for in the installation and application of aluminum rails, roller blind mechanisms, roman shade mechanisms, aluminum and wood venetian blind systems, vertical curtain systems, hospital section partition rails, Japanese curtain systems, trailed rails, pleated curtain systems, and all mechanisms with electric motors and automated infrastructure,  in unique woven tulle and drapery fabrics and needlework of the imported drapery products and in retail and contracted projects.

  • The drapery and tulle fabrics of Drapilux –GERMANY have inflammable / acoustical / anti odor / antibacterial properties
  • FUSTABLIND LUXMADERSpain venetian blind curtain systems
  • The drapery fabrics of FlocartBelgium have inflammable / acoustical properties
  • The drapery fabrics of PANAZEngland have inflammable properties
  • The drapery fabrics of SWISS PROTECT – have properties that protect from the electromagnetic field