Ekat Acoustic

Have you ever thought about how effective is a room’s environment for you to feel relaxed, the harmfulness to the health and the negative effects of a bad acoustic maybe while waiting at the doctor’s office, while having a conversation at the cafeteria, during your lunch brake or during a meeting at the office cannot be estimated most of the time. While materials like concrete, glass, plaster, and parquet do not make any sound isolation, they continue to reflect sound. This way an unpleasant sound level and humming can generate. The comforting effect on people and the positive effects on their performance of our acoustical fabrics that are used in places have been proven scientifically. drapilux –acoustical fabrics, offers ideal solutions for the interior design of the place. The fabrics prevent the resonance inside the room not only with the decorative fitting of the interior space but also with their passive acoustical functions. The sound absorbing levels of the fabrics have been measured and they are classified according to the results. (DIN EN ISO 11654). Thus, space acoustic planning can be done for all sizes precisely with drapilux fabrics. You can make your place more beautiful with person specific designs like separators, wall and ceiling linings, and curtains if you wish. You can contact us for more information.

  • Drapilux-acoustical, can provide acoustical effect in spaces without the expensive architectural supplementary materials.
  • Special solutions for all objects are available
  • The fabrics present two different significant functions; decorative visual and sound absorption
  • Drapilux acoustical is especially ideal for; hotels, hospitals, doctors’ offices, cinemas and theatres, call centers, conference halls, restaurants, and bars.
  • Drapilux acoustical creates both decorative and acoustical environments in real terms by combining its program with professional acoustical engineering.